Minister linked with dodgy characters

A few years back, former State Security Minister, Dr Siyabonga Cwele was compromised by a person so close to his heart and one that he shares a bed with every night of his life.

He cried foul and faked ignorance, claiming he was not aware that his dearest wife, Sheryl, the one he kisses goodnight every night, was an accomplished drug dealer right in front of his long nose and inside his blankets on his bed. This so-called esteemed wife of the State Security Minister is responsible for the plight of our young people today who have been ravaged by her ‘business empire’.

This was not before Sheryl had lured several girls into drug trafficking all over the world. Some of those girls are languishing in foreign jails after being caught on Sheryl’s drug sojourns. This is a person you sleep with every night, you share all your secrets with – the same person on whose shoulder you cry.

I am sure gullible Cwele must have unwittingly shared some of the highly confidential State security matters with his darling wife. After all, they agreed at the altar to share anything and everything before the uMfundisi, or priest, pronounced them husband and wife.

Now, the man who immediately took the baton from him as State Security Minister, David Mahlobo, has also been compromised. But this time not by his ‘dearest friend’ or darling wife but by a similarly crooked Chinese criminal that is responsible for the decimation of our rhinos.

Like his predecessor, Mahlobo too has faked ignorance. One wonders what type of security they’re safeguarding for the State when both of our ministers of this supposedly highly valued repository of our underground knowledge of the goings-on in the country are themselves the first to be compromised.

If this State security pair could be easily compromised in this fashion, what about other ministries that do not necessarily need to be as vigilant about our security in the country as these two comrades? What about the ordinary man on the street?

If criminals and criminal syndicates can compromise a State Security Minister, the person who should veto all the ‘unknown’ people that want to come close to him, what guarantee do we have that all these other premiers, ministers, mayors, MECs and MMCs are not compromised by virtue of their choice of friends.

Even more so, Mahlobo baffled many of us by audaciously calling for swift action to be taken against this self-confessed rhino horn trafficker, when, in fact, we as south Africans, should be calling for him to be investigated as to the nature of his ‘friendship’ with this brat, and how many of us has he compromised to the massage parlour guy.

To me, his call for swift action against his ‘friend’ smacks of an attempt to cover his own backside. He wants this man ‘silenced’ by virtue of a quick arrest instead of welcoming him for his rhino horn disclosures and asking for more information, not just to his illegal business but also about himself, Mahlobo, so he can clear his own name.

From Cwele to Mahlobo, the mystery deepens as we ponder who is next to be compromised in this fashion.

Sipho Siso

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