Letter: Diwali woes

Peter Turner writes:

I am sure this is not the first letter you have received, but I would like to express my disappointment at the lack of community caring exhibited by a resident in Riverclub, Sandton over the Diwali celebrations.

The explosions were massive and created terror in animals in several surrounding suburbs. I live in Morninside and the explosions sounded as though they were at my neighbour’s house and our animals were seriously disturbed by three hours of explosions. Several residents from Riverclub and surrounding suburbs gathered at the gate of the homeowner to remonstrate with the resident but to no avail – the explosions continued.
While I am led to understand that fireworks are legally allowed to be let off between 7pm and 10pm on 11 specified days of the year which includes Diwali and Guy Fawkes among others, Chapter 3, Section 31 of the bylaws states as follows:

  • Fireworks displays prohibited unless authorised
  • No person may present a fireworks display unless – (a) authorised to do so by the Council as contemplated in section 33; (b) authorised to do so by the Civil Aviation Authority and the Chief Inspector of Explosives; (c) the display is at all times under that person’s supervision and control; (d) the Service and a suitably qualified explosives expert from the South African Police Services is at all times in attendance at the display. To read the complete list of bylaws visit the City of Johannesburg’s website.

I wonder if the resident had the necessary permission and whether he complied with the regulations set out in the bylaws?

I sincerely hope that those in all communities who wish to celebrate the various festivals, occasions and religious ceremonies that traditionally use fireworks, will reconsider and perhaps move into the 21st century and adopt something less damaging to the community and environment than fireworks – what about laser displays?

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