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When the City of Joburg announced the new restrictions on water last week, many residents went into shock.

The sad reality is the announcement was really nothing new, but how the City plans to enforce it, is. It seems that some residents needed a bit of a reality check, and being threatened with a fine did just that.

The City has been saying for months that residents need to cut back on our water usage by not watering our gardens, washing our cars and filling up our pools during the day. While this message has been loud and clear for some time, many residents have ignored it and continued with life as usual.

The consequence is that Metro police are now going to try and enforce the rules which Joburg Water has put in place. This means that instead of fighting crime, Metro police will be running after residents who think the rules do not apply to them.

Just so that everyone is clear, the water restrictions are as follows:

  • Not to water or irrigate their gardens between 6am and 6pm.
  • Only hand-held hosepipes or buckets/watering cans are allowed outside these hours.
  • Not to fill their swimming pools with municipal water.
  • Not to use hosepipes to wash their cars or to clean paved areas and driveways.

We are in a drought and the quicker residents can get on board with what the City has planned, the better. I have heard many residents say, ‘we won’t get caught’ and ‘it’s just the garden really needs it right now…’

Please don’t be that person.

Let’s all be responsible in our water usage and help the City save where it can. If you see your neighbour watering his garden on a Saturday afternoon, pop over and give him a gentle reminder about the water restrictions. If this does not work – report him to the Metro police.

While these restrictions might inconvenience you, it is truly for the greater good. Please remember that the sooner we all start playing by the rules, the better.

Megan Tyack

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