Let the rains wash away yesterday


Driving around Joburg last week, it was exciting to see the blossoms peeping out from behind the high walls of our suburbs. I felt a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction when I saw them.

With the new season upon us, we also received a new government in Joburg. We have entered a new era – and an exciting one at that.

Turning over the page and starting afresh is always nice … let’s hope our new mayor continues to say the right things, and more so, do the right things.

While the elections are now over, Joburg residents will not forget the promises that were made to them, not only by the Democratic Alliance and new Mayor Herman Mashaba, but by the ANC, EFF and those smaller parties who Joburg residents voted for too.

In a government with no clear majority, things can get a little complicated and while agreements have been made between certain parties, I urge all of them to stand by the promises they made to the people of Johannesburg.

In many ways, we are lucky to have three big parties with a stake in the city. Let’s hope they hold each other accountable and put the people before the party when disagreements arise.

Our beautiful Joburg will soon be covered in green leaves, colourful flowers and sweet songs from the birds in the sky. Let’s hope that the anticipated summer rain will not only bring life to Joburg, but will bring a fresh start to our municipality.

Let’s hope that with this new government, corruption will be reduced, services will run efficiently, people will be treated with dignity, and service for all Johannesburg residents will improve.

To our new Mayor Mashaba, good luck. Please remember the promises you made to the city’s residents while you were electioneering, and stick to your word.

To our newly-elected councillors – I hope you continue serving us with pride. Please keep putting your suburbs and residents first and, remember, you are only in the position you are in because the residents put you there – serve them above all else.

Megan Tyck

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