Sportsmanship wins the day

Hyde Park runner Sherazaad Dollie striding out in the 800 m boys race vs La Salle and King David Linksfield


The successful meeting was held on 16 August and saw King David Linksfield as the winner by a fine margin, with Hyde Park coming in second and La Salle placing third.

The day was a fun event where athletes displayed their talent and team ethos, with many runners proving their prowess and running gusto.

The meeting was charged with enthusiastic supporters and teammates yelling encouragement, with the neck-and-neck races making for great entertainment.

The schools were well balanced with Hyde Park winning the distance races and King David taking the trophies for the sprints races.

Kim Barow, Hyde Park’s athletics coach, commended every athlete who participated in the meeting. Barow said, “This healthy competition would not be the same without the pupils of the schools making the effort they did, making the teaching staff proud of the youthful generation.”

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Pieter Dempsey

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