Big city with small acts of kindness

Community members came to her rescue within minutes. While ward councillor Amanda Forsythe found herself in a sticky situation, the response from her fellow residents is heartwarming and inspiring.

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We live in a big city, where everyone has their own agenda and, at times, it can feel as though no one really cares about the next guy.

We have become so desensitized to crime and people trying to con you that sometimes one has to ask, ‘Who would really be there in your time of need?’

Well, this story has given me hope. It has proven that while we live in a big city, we have smaller communities that care for us, and will be there for us should something go wrong.

A few days ago my security system at home was having a bad day and kept getting set off by a bird, a cat, or a ghost… to be honest, we will never know what.

When I arrived home, I had a note on my gate which read, ‘Alarm being going off all day, concerned neighbour’.

The note infuriated me because I believed the neighbour was not concerned, they were just irritated by the noise – and rightfully so.

I automatically saw the worst in my neighbour and had been suspiciously looking at everyone that lives in my street, trying to guess who wrote the ‘nasty’ note. Not once, until reading Forsythe’s story, did it cross my mind that the author of the note could have actually just been doing the ‘neighbourly’ thing.

We live in a big city, where everyone has their own agenda – but sometimes that agenda is to do the right thing and help a member of the community. Let’s not forget that.

Mashadi Letwaba

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