No action for falling streetlight poles and power lines in Bryanston

Disaster… Falling streetlight poles and power lines along Pont Road in Bryanston.


“Sad to say that nothing has been done,” Earp said.

“Who do we blame if there is a fatality? City Power has done nothing to rectify the situation despite an e-mail requesting urgent assistance. It appears as if they are waiting for a disaster to occur before they react. We need a proactive City Power, not a reactive City Power.”

Local resident, Heather Fannin said she and other residents have been trying to get City Power to attend to the matter.

“It has taken months of calls by a number of folk and still we have the problem,” Fannin added.

“The trees are now holding the lines up. The lines touching the trees and each other cause power surges and outages regularly. Must someone be injured by falling lines before we get action?”

Yumna Sheik, spokesperson for City Power said she has delegated someone to escalate the matter to the relevant area manager and will provide feedback in due course.

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