Surely there are more pressing issues?


In your [editor’s column], Clamp down is needed, week ending 12 February 2016, I find your applause of the slashing of the trailer adverts in Douglasdale quite worrying.

In my opinion, this amounts to nothing other than vandalism and disrespect for private property. These trailer adverts are made of high-quality materials and are supported by substantial trailer structures, and can be relocated, leaving no permanent mess. They are actually geometrically pleasing and are neatly structured.

I have gathered quite useful information from some of these adverts. Surely the slashing of these should provoke concern about the trust and respect of society for the possessions of others? On the other hand, I agree the ‘lost love’ etc stickers, and similar adverts, do contribute to the mess.

However, I think there are far more pressing illegal issues aside from advert pollution which one encounters on a month-to-month trek through the suburbs.

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