Staying safe on public transport

Stay safe... ADT Inland Region general manager Theunis Kotze.


In its latest National Household Travel Survey, Statistics South Africa puts the percentage of working South Africans (above the age of 15) who use public transport to reach their place of work at an estimated 40 percent.

ADT Inland Region general manager Theunis Kotze said, “As with most aspects of life, there are basic tips and suggestions that commuters should keep in mind in order to not fall prey to criminals while they are travelling on public transport.”

Kotze and ADT suggest the following safety precautions when using public transport:

  •  Make sure you know all the details of the route you are planning to use, and that you have enough money on you to pay for your journey.
  •  Always share the details of the journey you will be taking with your loved ones.
  •  Avoid dark areas, it best to wait for public transport at well-lit stops and stations.
  •  Be aware of your surroundings and trust your instinct. Don’t fall asleep on the bus and take note of any suspicious behaviour.
  •  Keep your possessions close to you so that you can be alerted immediately if something goes missing.
  •  Many public transport vehicles have alarms or emergency buttons installed – make sure you know where the closest one to you is located so that you can call for help in case of an emergency.
  •  A number of municipalities have set up dedicated law enforcement units for their public transport services. Keep their contact details pre-programmed on your cellphone. Alternatively, keep the contact details for your local police or private security company on speed dial.
  •  Pick the right seat. Try to sit close to the driver if possible, or take an aisle seat which will help prevent you from being cornered.
  •  If possible, travel with a friend or a colleague. There is safety in numbers.



Andrei van Wyk

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