Development starts with you

Over the years, there… [have been] a number of elements that have been developed by leadership experts that encompass self-love and self-care.

Those that I have used and those that have resonated with me include emotional and mental strength and spiritual and physical strength.

Core to this is understanding why one exists. Terrible things will happen to you both [on] a personal and professional level and it’s important to know that sometimes when things are falling apart, they are actually falling into place.

A universal fact is that it has to be dark for the stars to appear. The key is to listen to the messages that the universe is sending your way. You have to be reflective, willing to learn and unlearn and, therefore, be teachable.

During challenging times, you have to work through your pain. Being spiritually strong always comes in handy because you know that there is a bigger being you can reach out to, to strengthen you.

The other tools that one can use for physical exercise or strength include going to the gym, walking, running, swimming, listening to motivational tapes or music, or any other mechanism to help you cope with stress and emotional strengthening.

Focus on helping others, for this will give you perspective on how big your challenge is.

We always experience self-doubt when we are being tested personally and professionally. We start thinking ‘I am not good enough. I am a failure’ and so on. You, therefore, have to encourage yourself with positive self-talk.

Act despite fear, be willing to do what is hard, introspect and work through your pain. Know that you are bigger than the obstacle.

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