‘Give the abused a voice and the abuser a conviction’

I refer to Gary Hertzberg’s article, Time to break the silence on sexual abuse, week ending 8 January 2016.

I have a younger sister whom I love very much, and though we may not always agree on everything, well, never, I would do anything to keep her safe. And since losing both parents not too long ago, I am the only one able to. When we nominated an attorney from Johannesburg to execute our estate, the problems began.

Long story short, I found [he made] very suggestive, soliciting and rather inappropriate sexual remarks from this married attorney who is a father, to my little sister who is a minor in the eyes of the law. And this is really the point where, if I don’t get legal help, I will take it into my own hands. I obtained a copy of the WhatsApp conversation between the two and e-mailed myself a copy.

There is quite a bit of legal work behind this incident, and for this man’s wife and children to see the kind of conversations he has with little girls, for the bar association to witness his legal practices, and for the justice system to remedy his deviance would be the very least I wish to happen to this man.

In the words of Hertzberg, let us work together to break the silence and give the abused a voice and the abuser a conviction.

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