The great trek to Everest base camp

Climbing for a cause… Naz Kremzar at the Everest base camp.


Naz Kremzar, who works in Sandton said, “Just because you are not stepping foot on Mount Everest, do not think that the trek to Everest base camp is an easy undertaking.

“It’s so tough that at times you question your sanity and why you ever decided to do it.”

Kremzar added that at other times she would look at the scenery that was so breathtakingly stunning and realise it was unlike any mountainous terrain that she had ever seen before.

“It changed from lush green farmland, dense forest and glistening blue fast flowing rivers to barren land and glacial pools the higher I climbed, and that’s when I realised it was a good decision,” she explained.

In partnership with The Smile Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation that provides expert surgical intervention for children with facial defects, Kremzar wants to bring people together for the purpose and to create greater social involvement and enable sensible corporate-social investment for the cause.

Over the next four years, Kremzar intends to continue raising funds by climbing the remaining seven summits – the highest peak on each continent – as well as other majestic mountains across the globe.

Details:;; 083 307 9183.

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