Be prepared for some fairly hefty financial commitments

December spending… Mark Young, deputy chief executive officer of Bayport Financial Services.


“One of the main problems at this time of year is how to prioritise your spending,” explained Mark Young, deputy chief executive officer of Bayport Financial Services.

“Often there are emotional pressures too, especially when combining December holidays and Christmas presents. But the best approach is to plan your budget in advance so that you can consider it objectively and set money aside to cover all the important costs.”

Young said when deciding on what the important costs are, most people lose sight of the difference between a necessity and a luxury at this time of year.

According to Young, there are seven categories of necessary expenses namely, accommodation, transport, food, education, medical, water and electricity and maintenance.

He explained that a luxury is any item that you can live without such as a DStv subscription, eating out at restaurants or a pair of fancy sneakers. “It may not seem like a luxury,” added Young. “But the reality is that these items generally are classed as wants, not needs, meaning you really can live without them.”

Young advised against over spending this December and rather understanding spending habits.

“By keeping a record of everything you spend over a 30-day period, you can get a clear picture of where your money goes,” said Young.



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