‘Police are not able to trace criminals’

In 2013, I entered into a contract with a supplier to install a gate motor and extend a perimeter wall at my house in Kelvin. I made copies of his ID document with his photograph and ID number and obtained his residential address.

The greater part of the money was paid into his wife’s account. He claimed that he did not have a banking account of his own, but used a joint account with his wife.

When it was clear that he had absconded, I reported the matter to the police.

The police could not explain why they are unable to trace a criminal even if they have a copy of his ID document, with details of numbers and a photograph of that person. Also, they could not explain why they have not visited the bank to trace the owner of the account and the deposits that I made into that account. Surely the details of all customers are recorded by the banks and updated from time to time?

The matter is long outstanding and I have given up all hope that I will ever recover the money I lost.

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