Five ways to tie your running shoes

High Arches

Instead of crisscrossing the laces all the way up the shoe, take the laces directly up the shoe at the second eyelet, this will alleviate the pressure on the middle of your foot.

Heel slipping

Lace your shoe as per normal but loop the laces on the top of the shoe as shown in the diagram. This will secure your heel in place without tightening the rest of your shoe.


Similar to the solution for high arches just move the gap down the shoe to relieve the pressure on your forefoot.


Thread one side of your laces at the top of your shoe on the opposite side of your big toe and thread it diagonally into the eyelet just above your big toe. Lace the rest of the shoe with the remaining long side of the lace in a zig-zag pattern. This will pull the shoe up and away from your toes.


Shoes feel too tight? We have just the solution for you. Lace the first two eyelets starting from the side of your big toe and the second from the opposite side and repeat the process for each set of eyelets. This lacing pattern will give your foot more room to move freely whilst still giving it support.

Still not sure about how you should be lacing your shoes? Watch the video below to find a lacing style that suits your feet:

And we have the perfect race for you to try out your new lace style… the SPAR Women’s Race.

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