Turn your mind into a positivity paradise

Change your attitude in life, and change your life… Jean-Pierre Greeff, marketing director for The Seed SA.

Among circles of friends, family and foes, I am known to have an extremely positive outlook on life.

Life as I know it is there to be lived and lived well. Some find my overzealous ambition and drive to be quite intimidating, yet most stand in awe of this rare phenomenon called a positive attitude.

It is commonly known that people have defining attitudes, and some individuals even get known for these dominant attitudes. Some inherit nicknames such as Mr Grumpy, Negative Nancy and the likes thereof. What most people do not realise is that in the same manner which you choose between drinking a cup of coffee or tea, you also have a choice between having a positive or negative attitude towards everything in life.

In which category do you decisively rank yourself? Most modern era, westernised, television and online media-ridden individuals tend to be victims of having a negative attitude. And why do I say victims? The word victim implicitly paints a picture of a person that is helpless in the face of misfortune, or one who is tricked. Reality check: Life played a prank on you, and you fell for it.

If you prefer to live longer, and do so much happier and in a positive light, why not choose to change your attitude and abandon the legacy of age-old attitude victimisation? I speak from personal experience and believe you me, it is way easier than you might think.

To turn your mind into a positivity paradise, start by counting your blessings each moment of each day. If you start feeling down, make a list of five to 10 things that you are grateful for. Focus on the five or 10 things you are grateful for that occurred in the last 24 hours and do this daily, for only 31 days. If you are really up for the challenge, pin up your positivity goal by resisting complaining, moaning or criticising for three weeks.

If all of this sounds like too much for you to handle, you are a cut-out negative attitude victim in a critical state, and should be in attitude intensive care unit at this stage. I would like to self-diagnose you with ‘Moom’ syndrome. Moom syndrome is, easily put, Mountains Out Of Molehills syndrome. If I diagnosed you correctly, then my prescription is easy; do the exact opposite for a week. Try making molehills out of mountains…

Change your attitude in life, and change your life as a whole. Choose a positive attitude, choose positivity, take back control of your life and perhaps even cheat death.

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