Four hashtags you should know about this Women’s Month

Social media is one of many places where women campaign for various rights. PHOTOS:


He for She is a recently founded movement that tries to break down the conception of gender equality as only a woman’s struggle. He for She calls upon men to also join the movement to highlight the gender inequalities faced by women and girls, as well as their own. Emma Watson, famous for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, was instrumental in launching this movement.@HeforShe also plays an active online role.


Organisations such as United Nations Women, and ordinary women alike, use this hashtag to promote the ongoing fight for gender equality. Issues such as the gender pay gap, polygamy, and gender stereotypes are some of the topics you can find under this hashtag.


From women’s bodies to their roles in the public eye, the hashtag supports women’s moves around the world and also shares the many times women have had to call people and institutions out when misogyny, violence and sexism takes centre stage.


This hashtag chronicles the everyday instances of sexism women experience around the world. From one woman being told she’s too pretty to be an engineer, to another experiencing street harassment, the hashtag calls out the injustices and campaigns for the better daily treatment of women. @Everydaysexism is the go-to account for this particular Twitter movement.

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