Five things to do with beer besides drink it

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We think not. The day is celebrated on the first Friday of every August. While there are many big beer fans out there, some of us are not. So we’ve compiled a list of five things you can use beer for, instead of drinking it.

  •  Forget that powder meat tenderiser … does it really even work anyway? You can use a can of beer to soften up tough meat and make a tasty marinade. Let the meat soak in that yeasty goodness overnight for a mouth-watering hunk of meat.
  •  Ditch the shampoo – replace it with beer. Your man will love cuddling up to you and it will restore your hair’s natural body and bounce. Beer is packed with vitamin B and natural sugars that act as a setting agent and it will increase the natural hold of your hair.
  •  Beer can get those coffee or tea stains out of your carpet. Believe it or not, you don’t need to fork out a fortune for expensive, carpet cleaners. Just do a small colour test (you don’t want to add another stain to the collection), then if all goes well, douse the stains in beer, blot, repeat and voilà.
  •  Elbow grease and beer is what you need to get gleaming pots and pans. Try a spot test first, but if all goes well, you can dampen a soft towel with beer and buff away. We wonder if Gordon Ramsey knows that…
  •  Cleopatra may have bathed in milk because she didn’t know about beer. We’re not saying that you need to fill a bathtub with the stuff – hubby will not be pleased. Just let a little slip into your bath and enjoy the bubbles and antioxidant properties. Your skin will love you.

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