Blackhat: Nostalgic trip back to the cyber world of the ’90s

Blackhat… Nostalgic trip back to the cyber world of the 90s. (Photo:

In the movie, unknown hackers intercept a Hong Kong nuclear plant and the Mercantile Trade Exchange in Chicago. This forces the Federal Bureau of Investigation to work with China to find the hackers. Actress Viola Davis plays the federal agent leading the bureau with the case and actor Wang Leehom plays the leader of the team from China. Leehom requests the assistance of a convicted hacker which is played by actor Chris Hemsworth, who is then released from prison to help out with the complicated investigation.

Director Michael Mann shoots this film in a somewhat old school cinematography style, topped off with a dialogue filled with IT jargon that might lose the attention span of the audience now and then. It is not quite The Matrix, but you kind of wish a Neo would pop out from one of the scenes to make the movie just a little exciting.

At least in this cyber-tech film the geek that saves the day is not the typical cyber geek, but the hunky Hemsworth who’s acting in this film will be forgiven because on screen he reminds audiences of his other superhero character, Thor.

This film lacks excitement and looks like a movie that should have been released years ago. However, the storyline gives audiences an interesting look at cyber terrorism and a glimpse of an ideal relationship between America and China, working together for once to catch the bad guy.

Blackhat will be released nationwide at cinemas on 6 March.

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Gugu Zwane

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