Crime prevention during load shedding

Managing director of Securitas, Sean Kinsey, said load shedding is an unwelcome reality. He added, “We would like to warn our valuable customers to be vigilant of opportunistic criminals during load shedding. Criminals will capitalise on the situation. Observation is key and if you see any type of suspicious behaviour report it immediately.”

Securitas has prepared the following safety precautions for residents and business owners experiencing load shedding:

  • Be cautious during times of load shedding as criminals could use the timetables as a guide to target certain areas during a power outage. As a result, homeowners and businesses need to be extra alert during this time, particularly when arriving or leaving the premises.
  • Ensure your electric fence continues to function during the power outages. Securitas recommends having a back-up battery for all electric fences.
  • Make sure all automated gates, doors and garage doors are secured.
  • Test your alarm system regularly to ensure it is in full working condition.
  • It is also a good idea to always ensure that the home is well lit during load shedding. A good way to do this is to install battery-operated lights. In addition, rechargeable torches and lights should also be kept in the home and car.
  • Using candles increase the risk of a fire. Invest in a fire extinguisher.
  • Cancel false alarms with your control room prior to the vehicle being dispatched unnecessarily.
  • Security guards at boom gates and office block entrances must be vigilant in identifying criminals that want to enter the premises under false pretences and should request valid identification.

How will you improve your security during load shedding? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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