Still or sparkling?

Garry Hertzberg, practising attorney at Dewey Hertzberg Levy and Host of the Laws of Life with Garry Hertzberg on writes:

Hate Bill released for public commentary

JOHANNESBURG – Garry Hertzberg speaks about the new Hate Bill that has been released for public commentary.

The right to die with dignity

Garry Hertzberg, practicing attorney at Dewey Hertzberg Levy Attorneys and presenter of The Laws of Life on writes.

Sports fans speak up

SANDTON – Here’s what the public had to say about the Springbok rugby team and coach, Allister Coetzee …

Nothing African about weaves

JOBURG – Black people need to decolonize themselves for self-esteem and prosperity.

The gravy train comes to a halt

JOBURG – The new administration of the City of Johannesburg needs to get down to work now and fulfil its election promises in Alex.

No mercy for child abusers

JOBURG – Garry Hertzberg discusses the punishments for child abusers.

Finally, Jesus knocks on ANC door

JOBURG – Spreading political power among the various opposition parties is the best form of defence against tyranny, especially in democracies.

Joburg’s future looks bright

Whichever way I look at the Local Municipal Elections, I am thrilled with the results. While a coalition government is yet to be formed and there is no indication of which way it will swing, it is clear that Johannesburg has sent a message to the leaders. It is not a badly run municipality –…

Elections pen out as predicted

JOBURG – The results of the elections seem to pen out as predicted in my last column to you just before the voting began.

Siso predicts elections

JOBURG – The 3 August polls will be the most hotly-contested elections in the history of the country’s democracy and power shifts in many areas can be expected.

Finders ‘no’ keepers

By Garry Hertzberg, practising attorney at Dewey Hertzberg levy and host of the Laws of Life with Garry Hertzberg on writes: One of my colleagues in the office found a phone in the bathroom on the 11th floor. Being the honest guy he is, he went to all the offices on the 11th floor…

What to do if your pet attacks another animal

SANDTON – An attorney and an animal welfare activist discuss how to prevent pets from attacking other animals and the consequences that could be faced if such an attack does occur.

Thuli set a benchmark

JOBURG – Outgoing Public Protector Advocate Thuli Madonsela has set a benchmark for Chapter 9 institutions.

Pay by the rules

JOBURG – Garry Hertzberg, practising attorney and host, talks cents.

Rules of the road are there for a reason

The rules of the road should be pretty simple – red for stop, green for go, don’t overtake on a solid line and don’t stop in the yellow lane – unless it is an emergency – and for goodness sake, don’t drink and drive!

Changing face of Sandton

The magic of Sandton Sandton is such a special place to live. As the front page proves, it is a place filled with history and special memories for so many residents, but for those who have not lived in the area, Sandton is a place where new memories can still be made. From the hustle…