Scam warning

SANDTON – Owners of stolen or hijacked vehicles have been asked for money by people claiming to be police.

New crime trend hits Joburg CBD taverns

JOBURG – Police are investigating a number of cases in which tavern patrons were mugged in alleys after the ladies they thought they were getting lucky with spiked their drinks.

Cleaning up the mean streets

SANDTON – Undesirable criminal elements that roam neighbourhoods are no match for private security firms, as evidenced by the arrests 7Arrows made in Sandton and Morningside recently.

Bicycle store robbed

BRYANSTON – A bicycle store was robbed of 13 bicycles and 30 pairs of sunglasses.

Discussing criminal signs

SANDTON – Want to know the common signs used by criminals? Read here to find out where to learn about these signs.

Well done Constable

SANDTON – The Sandton Police Station urges community members who may be missing a plasma TV and car keys to visit the station.

House intruder shot dead

MARLBORO – A suspected house robber has died, allegedly after being shot by the owner of the house.

British tourists robbed

RIVONIA – A man and a woman were robbed of R20 000 by three fake policemen on 31 January.

What to do in a mall robbery

JOBURG – Mall robberies, cash-in-transit heists and other attacks tend to increase towards the end of the year over the Christmas holidays and when bonuses are traditionally paid.

7 tips to avoid being hijacked

JOBURG – As hijackings have peaked in the past few months, 7Arrows Security has useful safety precautions.