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‘It’s the way our great grandmothers ate’

Megan Tyack

Banting fanatic Tansy McLean swears by the benefits of homemade kraut.
“I had health issues with my gut and so I started researching health websites and came across an article on the benefits of homemade kraut,” said McLean.
She said the benefits of homemade kraut were amazing. “The fermented cabbage’s Vitamin C levels are through the roof and it is so easy to digest. It curbs your appetite and is extremely nutrient dense. It is also one of the super-foods.”

McLean offered some easy tips on how to make your own kraut:

Shred your cabbage and add about 2 tablespoons of salt. Mix it well in a bowl and cover it with a cloth for about an hour.
The salt will draw the liquid out of the cabbage.
After an hour of resting, squeeze and pound the cabbage, until the juices start to run, which you discard.
At this point, you can add a new flavour. “I love onion, chili powder, dill or my favourite, mustard seeds,” McLean said.
Once the flavour has been mixed, put the cabbage into a glass jar (preferably a clamp jar) and push the cabbage under the remaining liquid.
McLean said if there was not enough juice, one could always add some filtered water. Remember to leave some space at the top of your jar – as the cabbage will expand as it ferments.
Leave your jar on your kitchen shelf, pushing the cabbage down with a fork twice a day.
“It may take a couple of days for the cabbage to start to bubble. When the bubbles stop and the jar is quiet again – that’s when you know it is ready [about seven to 14 days]. Put it in the fridge and eat at your pleasure.”
McLean suggested that people start off slow with their kraut intake. “Eat it every day, but start off with about a tablespoon and build up to three spoons,” she said.

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