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10 alien invasive acacias on the updated SA list

Please note that all Acacia’s listed are Australian species of Wattle. All African Acacia’s were renamed from Acacia to either Vachellia or Senegalia. For instance our common Acacia karoo is now called Vachellia karoo.

International Earth Day: What if the planet is alive?

Today is International Earth Day. Is it possible that the planet we live on is a living organism? The trees are it’s lungs, the streams are it’s veins, and we are part of a shared field of consciousness that contains all living things.

Water Wednesday: 4 ways we waste water in South Africa

Although water might seem as abundant a source as air, the drought has proven to South Africans that we can’t take water for granted. Here are four ways people waste water around their homes.

South Africans react to Rachel Dolezal

Trans-racial advocate Rachel Dolezal has caused a social media storm after announcing she will be speaking on non-racialism at an event in South Africa.

5 essential road trip hacks

As many return to the roads from the Easter holidays, here are some helpful hacks that can help you along.

These apps can help you when travelling on the road

Travelling on the road to your holiday destination can come with its ups and down. This is why smartphones can help you navigate the roads and reach your destination in a timely manner.

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